4 comments on “Let’s Fix The Nation (Concern #1)

  1. I agree with your statement on salaries and matching their constituents average salary. With that in place maybe our representatives would have a more realistic view of what their people really need. I also think that their should be a restriction on voting for their own raises this raises a red flag for me. I think that salary and projects should be under consideration from a party that would have nothing to gain from the outcome. I would also like to see our representatives put through a yearly performance review just like most of our employers do for us if you are not effectivein officethen instead of wing stuck with you this gives us ant the rep an opportunity to either correct or leave. I think that this would ensure that we havethe right people in the job who are actually representing the voice and needs of the farmer in iowa or the grandmother infire city. Our country is so diverseweshoukd see the representationof that diversity in ourleadership but that does not seem tone the casenow

    • I’m thinking the yearly performance review you believe our politicians should have to endure is really a duplicity in action. If you think about it, their ability to win their election is the ultimate performance review. What say you?

  2. My opinion is that you’re on the right track in a couple of your concerns. However I also think you may wish to reconsider or perhaps classify or catagorize lobbyist. As a ‘for instance’ veterans rights groups, animal rights groups, the NRA (which fights for our constitutional right to bear arms) all serve a purpose above and beyond themselves. There are however special interest lobbyist who have concerns that are not aligned with the general interest or well being of the public or nation. These need abolishment or at the very least tighter regulation than is already in place.

    • Dude, bribery is bribery is bribery. Bribery is wrong. Veterans rights groups–a noble institution, for sure–and the NRA taint their cause with bribery as a method for accomplishment. This issue is really one of those that has no gray area because bribery is wrong. Let’s not play semantics with the word “lobbyist”. I wasn’t saying lobbyists is an evil word, I was saying the bribery they are currently allowed to use is evil. If all exchange of money, favors, etc. is removed from the lobbying scene and lobbyists are only allowed their voice in number as an influence, then we are where we need to be on this issue and lobbyist becomes a good word.

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